Loving being a Nerd

I’ve always been a nerd. Studious, interested and thirsty for knowledge. A reader of books, a researcher on how things work. A voyeur of technical posts and scientific discoveries.

My job for the last 20 years has been in IT and I’ve been able to geek out with the best of them.

I remember being in my late teens and feeling a real discord between socially how I was and emotionally how I really felt. I was the girl who was at every party and enjoying coming into my own in a crowd, being the center of attention with boys  and ‘acting’ the cool girl. Where I felt more me was when an assignment was given to me in class or a new project topic was launched and off I would go to study and research and get excited about that…in my after school clubs or doing my part time job.  I loved working and earning and learning. I loved getting really good grades and high test pass marks.

Moving into my working life and actually motherhood, I never felt happier than when I was learning something new. I remember doing a WiFi white paper when it was the newest thing on the block and totally nerding out on everyone but still to this day I know the difference between 802.11a, b c et al. One of my best friends was in a telco learning away week with me and she just about struck me day 2 when I started quoting in binary – just made sense to me.

So I say to all of you, embrace your inner geekess or geekdom. Be proud to be a nerd. Love the nerds around you and make sure they know they are awesome just as they are.  They add to the richness of our environment and as we move more and more to the technology leading edge, we need to be more geeklike in order to keep up.



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