Love where I am instead of where I want to be

Sometimes with my job I have to travel. It sounds so glam…but it is so not. First up, I always get plane sick. This is something that has happened more as I have got older – not entirely sure why. I am not actually sick but feel queasy and fainty and not great and even when I land, it takes a good few hours before I am right again.

I also need to leave The Hotness and this is beyond rubbish. I also miss Kid 2, 3 and Furbaby so completely it makes my heart sick.  A couple of days is fine, doable and goes quick. 10 days, which is my current sojourn is not fine. I am in the vicinity-ish when I travel of Kid 1 but due to work craziness I don’t often get to see him and therefore get to see the benefit – note to self – must change this! Always make the time.

So, I have a great hotel and this is the main saving grace. There have been recent times when I couldn’t stay in said great hotel and I have had to frequent other establishments and this has been horrendous. I can’t sleep properly and I end up having 3am awakenings for hours on end and then a mad and crazy day at work and then repeat.

So I’m not feeling the love. This I must change or I will have 10 miserable days! Ok…here goes – 8 Things to LOVE while I’m away from my LOVES:

  1. Impromptu drink date with a girlfriend – just as I was feeling a little lonely and thinking that all I had to look forward to was a quick skype call with the fam and an early night, in comes a message ping and a lovely lady wants to meet tonight – out of the blue – how fab! Where shall we go? Oh lovely, I love going out!!!
  2. Second date now established for next week with The Fabulous Claire who I was thinking I wouldn’t see now until mid-Oct when we have family sojourn but now we are meeting for London Cocktail Week and it is on a Thursday – oh I cannot wait to see my bestie and be fabulous in London
  3. Flagship Zara store on Oxford Street – Oh it is so great to just ‘pop’ in to this gorgeous shop and have a major mooch and mentally spend thousands!!! New wardrobe already virtually purchased. Love it.
  4. Wasabi lunch – I LOVE sushi and Wasabi does great sushi that I LOVE! A yummy, healthy and fabulous lunch.
  5. Being in the office – so there are aspects of this which I love, re-connecting with my team and seeing a bunch of good people who are all working towards the same goal. Also, in the office, is a homage to Marilyn Monroe as she had an apartment in the building and I’ve actually been in the office which used to be her wardrobe.  Same wood paneling as when it was hers.
  6. Helping to fix problems – It isn’t my official title but I’m now known as ‘The Fixer’. There seem to be problems at every turn and I actually Love helping to sort things out. I don’t have the solution up my sleeve per se (sometimes yes, most times no) but I can talk to people, ask questions, connect people together and collectively get ‘er done.
  7. Netflix – I LOVE Netflix and it does mean that I can binge watch all the types of sitcoms/romcoms/series that The Hotness would not enjoy or indulge me in and as I can do volume, it means that I get to see a whole bunch while I’m away.  I also Love that you can download – how good is that!!! Offline binge watching while in transit has been a life saver.
  8. Staying in said hotel. It is most comfy. They are very friendly. The food is good. The beds are comfy. It is a hop, skip and jump away from the office.

Ok, feel better.


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