Why is my hair falling out?

I know I am 40. Soon to be 41, but that is by the by. Yes I am a product hunter of worthy proportions and hair products have not escaped me however, my floor literally could create it’s own rug with my hair. The Hotness does not think this is so hot.

It is actually starting to worry me. Am I going to go bald? I can see scalp at the front where there used to be full hair coverage. The volume of fallout is now of full wall to wall carpet proportions (please do not be concerned for my home hygiene as I promise I do clear up after myself – nor for my Cleaner as we do not yet have one – on the BIG life list!!!).

So not only do I now need to do something about the grey (and with my very dark hair this is an every 4 week job) but I have to concern myself with limp and fragile fallout hair, hiding scalpage and not wanting to chop off the longish hair I have to make up for it.

I have been confronted by another Facebook ad which I have clicked on and purchased…promising to change my life one vitamin per day.

I have also contemplated a hair unit of some proportion. But I am just not ready. Surely something dietary is in order? This is why I have taken the plunge and invested in some of these bad boys…Kerotin Hair Capsules

Sadly, there is a wait at the moment until they get here. Help is on the way!

I’ll keep you posted.


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