Work / Life Balance

Work. Work Hard. Earn. Provide. Create security. Spend. Save. Be a good wife. Be a good Mum. Be a good friend. Take time for yourself. Exercise. Eat well. Have fun. Be fun. Relax. Meditate. Cook your own food. Be kind. Be happy. Sleep soundly. Expand your mind. Read. Innovate. Create. Focus. Be positive. Care.

Imagine doing all of the above every day…oh…you do! Or you try to. Same. Or I did.

It’s big and its hard and therefore I must try. Well, enough of that. Don’t try so hard. The stress of yearning for something is hard to handle and even stops sleep. Is any of the above fun? I hope so. Instead of focusing on all the ‘to do’s’ on that list, how about focus on the fun and joy that it brings you. Right here, right now.

Do you want to do all those things? Does it make you feel fulfilled and happy? If it is a great big yes, well…AWESOME YOU! Keep it up! Revel in the goodness! Feel the beauty of it.

If some of those things (and you can have your own list btw…) does not bring you joy, now is the time to think about making a change.

You are supposed to be unconditionally happy. No juggle. No compromise. No regret. No looking back. No doubt. No LIMIT.



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