Did you know you breathe out fat?

Who knew you breathe fat out? It doesn’t dissolve like gelatin in water and swoosh around your body and ends up in the loo – no!  You breathe it out. Of your mouth.  You can’t freeze it and eliminate it – that just apparently doesn’t happen (shame…) – there is only one way…

I am sitting here and consciously breathing more deeply – in through my nose…out through my mouth.  That is the trick you see…in through the nose and out through the mouth. I breathe all the time don’t I? Why am I not a stick?

This is the number one reason why I have have to move this body of mine. Get my heartrate up and breathe heavy, deeply, suck in the air and properly propel it out of my body from deep in my lungs.  Breathe out that glass of rose that has sat on my stomach for 7 hours while I slept. Breathe out the week of office biscuits and cakes that I ate all those months ago before I knew better (ie. how it made ME feel inside my body) and is still sitting there…on my stomach, hips and butt.  Oh and my arms – my frickin arms!

If you want to know more about the science of this, take a look at this article:  Science Daily Breathe Out Fat

For all of those who are in their late 30’s and 40’s your whole body does change – they say that and it is true. Your hormones totally change, the way your body stores fat and burns fat, your metabolism totally alters.  So many of us suffer and feel despondent and it can effect our self esteem. So we breathe.  We exercise and we make sure we take care of ourselves…most of the time.  I think that the enlightenment of just how much a difference it can make is well and truly underway. I am surrounded by gorgeous 40 something women who all feel the same way.  The number of conversations I’ve had about what happened around 38 years old and the physical decline – it didn’t happen after babies, it happened later…

I am still learning every day. What worked for me most of my adult life no longer does. Slowly, slowly I make changes.  The Hotness helps. As a 48 year old, he looks at least 10 years younger. He completely looks after himself, his health is such a focus. His mantra to our kids is that he wants to be a fit and healthy 100 year old. I think that is pretty cool.

So I’ll be 93. A hot 93 year old!

Some suggestions…

One female guru who I really like, I subscribe to her, have exercise DVD’s of hers and she is a wealth of fabulousness, knowledge, practical advice, care and kindness:  Dannette May: DannetteMay.com

Shaun T, the famous creator of Insanity is my hero. He also does a fantastic Hip Hop Ab workout but the one I’m totally into and am into the zone of doing a good few times a week (aim is for more…I’m working on it) T25. Oh my word, it is AWESOME. When you first start it is crazy, it makes you feel like you are about to fall down (well, I was not that fit…) but I have never had anything that has built up my fitness and stamina and made me feel so ALIVE as this.  Shaun T, you are incredible…thank you!  Check him out here…Shaun T T25 Focus Some of my besties have concern about jumping (for any of you that have had big babies, you know what I’m talking about) and Tania on the T25 segments does it ALL low impact – so get involved!

The other thing that I have found crazy helpful is not eating until about 11am most days. Some days, in particular when I do T25 that is tough but I think it makes a big difference.

I haven’t cracked this yet. I’m still about 1/2 a stone from where I want to be but mostly I have that ‘skinny-fat’ look – so quite slimish but squishy and cellulite I’m trying to shift. So I need to tone up and also lose fat, not muscle. That is why I need to  keep up the exercise and be consistent. Eat good food. Not sugar. Damn. Love the sugar.

I’ll keep you posted.



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