To Choo or not to Choo

I have BIG feet.  This is something that has plagued me over the years. Oh how I love the look of a heel but trying to squeeze my size 7.5’s (yes…awkward) with ever growing callouses (look away now people) dry skin and bunion shannanigans that have recently started to occur (it may be because I am in perma-flipflops due to The Hotness, Kids-Kid1 and I moving to sunnier climes over this last year…it is worth it) the look of a heel may be about it.  Just a little lust but not taking it any further.

I do need some winter black boots. I’ve survived a year without them but have decided that it is essential this time. Even in sunny Spain, it gets chilly!  Definitely when travelling for work it is super chilly!!!

The quest for a winter boot is not an easy one as many of you will appreciate and understand.  I know what I like when I see it. I always like the most expensive, always by accident. I am not a lucky “Sale” shopper – in fact Sales Shopping for me is like being at a hotel buffet (another post…another time…) where I end up wandering around aimlessly and never find anything! Ever!  This is a major skill I need to work towards (note to self, need to add to BIG life list) as many of you are obviously skilled up and have it sorted.

Ok, back to the boots.  Here I was today minding my own business when what popped up in my Facebook feed….just the Choos I was looking for (get it? I bet Jimmy has had that a million times over…for me, it is the first time I’ve ever heard it so naturally, I’m laughing so hard right now…at my own self).  I’m ready for some Myren.

to choo or not to choo

I have found the perfect pair. Now all I need are two key things – the knowledge that my oversized awkward boats can fit into them and how much they are.

Can I really afford it – Lord no! Even if they were super cheap there is no line item in our budget to say “yes, those Myren boots of wonderfulness will be yours”. Will this stop me? This is unlikely.  What would The Hotness say? He’s going to go one of two ways. Either ‘if you want them, buy them you deserve it’ or ‘how much…you have got to be kidding me?’.

Finding out that magic number is where the trouble begins as I have to go to the Choo site where AW17 showcase resides…my brain is like

Pre-Order? I have never done a pre-order. I would love to do a pre-order, it sounds so FABULOUS.

Ok, still no boots…scrolling down I am fairly concious now that these are probably going to be the most expensive item I have ever bought…

oohhhnice boots Choo

Then I became a little bit distracted by these beauts…they have a heel, but look at them…they are so pretty, and sculptured and a bit different and look like they may even be comfy and no nasty spike heel but a firm and robust thinner block heel.

If I hadn’t had my head turned already by the Myren and thought that I needed to commit to finding out the basics, Houston 85 is my back up plan – always have a back up plan because you never know…

Finally after a near miss I get to my Myren.  Two things. Velvet and no 41.5. Three things. Over 1k. Ouch. I feel a little bit sad.


Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise.  Perhaps the Houston 85 were my Choo destiny (get it??? still laughin’?) Do I want them that much? What difference to my life overall will it make?  Are they the difference between going on our super fabulous holiday in March or not????  So many choices…I am going to sleep on it…

Link to Houston 85 on the Jimmy Choo website

Houston 85

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