So here it is…

My Mum has said to me many times over the years, ‘You are supposed to have a BIG life Olivia’, and if my Mumma says so, so it is.  Now my quest for this BIG life is going to take on a whole lot of things.  Many would say it is pretty BIG already – but I’m just starting the epicness and I’m learning so much every day and being inspired every day.

As wife of “The Hotness” and a Mum of four (Kid 1 – who is my son-by-another-mother, Kid 2 – youngest son, Kid 3 – only daughter and Ogster our Furbaby) I’m now in my early 40’s and ready for action.

Writing this is one of the first inspired actions and a commitment to try and keep it up to date.  It will be an ode to all those working Mums, a record of health and wellbeing, a diary of inspired thoughts and actions, sharing some great things that happen and I will cover some of the struggles too – but don’t worry – I’ll overcome them!

Here’s to being forever fabulous, appreciating what I have, striving for more and reaching for the stars.



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